Urban Environment.

Creative Solutions.

The idea behind Hudson is to take a small group of uniquely talented individuals, bring them together in a dynamic urban setting and create an environment of total collaboration to deliver the highest level of creative execution and client service.

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Kristin Redman

Executive Producer

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Lindsey Halverson

Business Development

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Spencer Hall

Sound Design

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Rich Smith

Senior Creative Editor

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Brent Edwards

Finishing Editor/Flame Artist

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Jon Jovich

Senior Flame Artist/Colorist

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Annette Gianino

Associate Creative Editor

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Zach DuFresne

Creative Editor

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Zack Whitley

Senior Producer

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Emily Fisher


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Adam Pillon

Creative Editor

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Ben Keeler

Finishing Assistant

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Chris Naglik

Motion Design Director

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Trish Nguyen

Assistant Editor

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